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________ is my otp.

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Name:________ is my otp.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Pairing Claiming Community

WELCOME to the OTP claiming community on dreamwidth!


1. You are allowed a total of one claim for now.
2. Check the claims list before making a claim.
3. You may claim from any fandom. Anime and manga versions are not separate. Same with books and movies. YOU MAY ALSO CLAIM DREAMWIDTH MEMBERS (TAG THOSE WITH "fandom: dreamwidth").
4. No crossover pairings, no gender bending.
5. Sorry guys, no OCs.
6. In your post, please use "character/character". Such as "Character/Character (Fandom) is my [community profile] otp." Please include the fandom in your tags.
7. Please try to use the character's full names when possible.
8. You must remain a member of the community in order to keep your claims. Leaving or deleting your journal will result in the removal of your claim. If your are moving to a new journal and would wish to keep your claim, please leave a comment in the claims list.
9. If you are unclaiming a pairing please post with "Character/Character (Fandom) is NOT my [community profile] otp." Please include the fandom in your tags.
10. Pairings are first come, first serve. Do not harrass or complain at the person who claimed the pairing you wanted.
11. To be sure that you have read the rules, please title your entry "This pairing is hot." If your are unclaiming your pariring, please title the entry "So not hot.".
12. After you've claimed and been approved, please link back to the community in your userinfo. Please do not post it in an entry, it makes it easier for me. D:
Example: "Character/Character (Fandom) is my [community profile] otp."
13. Please check here for all the claims that are currently taken before posting. :)


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