________ is my otp.
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30th-May-2009 02:37 am - this pairing is hot
october: (❣ show the way)
Nnoitra Jiruga/Neliel Tu Oderschvank (Bleach) is my [community profile] otp
17th-May-2009 03:38 am - This pairing is hot
aesthetics: (❀ with no regrets)
Ichimaru Gin/Matsumoto Rangiku is my [community profile] otp!
11th-May-2009 09:41 pm - This pairing is hot.
juste: (Default)
Ulquiorra Schiffer/Inoue Orihime (Bleach) is my [community profile] otp!
15th-Apr-2009 03:10 am - this pairing is hot
hime: buttholes (Default)
I claim Kurosaki Ichigo / Inoue Orihime (Bleach) as my [community profile] otp.
14th-Apr-2009 09:18 am - This pairing is hot.
I claim Abarai Renji/Kuchiki Rukia (Bleach) as my [community profile] otp.
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