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3rd-Oct-2010 09:04 pm - Looking for new mods
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Hello from the inactive mod! Haha.

Basically I need new mod(s) for this community due to the fact that I just never have time to update this and haven't for a while. I am also basically appointing someone else as the main mod, so anyone interested may post here for that as well.

Thank you.

23rd-May-2009 02:23 pm - Marker 05/23/2009
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8th-May-2009 07:32 pm - MARKER 05/08/2009
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4th-May-2009 05:18 pm - BRB
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Be right back guys, gotta do something that can't wait. Ya'll will be added to the list when I get back. ♥ J-just so you all know. I know I don't even need to post this, but I'm a moron and want to anyway.

3rd-May-2009 04:22 pm - Regarding post titles...
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Okay, I've been pretty lax when one didn't put the correct format and so on for the subject titles and all that jazz... but I think here is where I am going to put my foot down. If you do not put the correct subject titles I will not accept you until you fix it. :X Usually I don't like to be all rawr, but there's a reason I have this rule: aka proof you've read the rules in the first place.

On the other hand, if you do a clever playing on the words of the required subject title... I actually find those amusing, so feel free to keep doing so. Some examples of these I've seen are: "This pairing is hot stuff >:3", "This pairing is hot. (and bitter-sweet)", "this pairing is hot because they are from a desert ah ha~!"... And so on. I like those. :)

Anyway, this starts now.

EDIT: Also, in other news~ please welcome [personal profile] kula as a new co-mod here at [community profile] otp!
2nd-May-2009 01:30 am - Claims List [updated 05/23/09]
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Here they be. . . )
18th-Apr-2009 08:14 pm - Tags Permissions
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Hello everyone. :) Just a quick mention that the restrictions on who can add tags has been fixed (or should be) so that all members can do so. Sorry for the earlier inconvenience of not being able to.
14th-Apr-2009 05:52 pm - A little minor fix :D
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I changed the format of what you put in your profile along with the posting format. It's much shorter and I think better than the old one. :]

New format for profile is:
haracter/Character (Fandom) is my [community profile] otp .

More simple, yes? :O  It is not required, but you may fix your page to accommodate this.
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