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18th-Jul-2017 10:40 pm
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14th-Jul-2017 12:23 pm - sampler
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inspired by [personal profile] aroceu's sampler, here is my personal pick of favourites amongst my own fics, self-recs. i've sorted them by theme, not fandom, and i've tried to include fic from as many fandoms as i can in each category. this way, you can start with what you like, and branch out from there. so...
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14th-Jul-2017 12:08 pm - history
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word counts

year | published fic | unpublished fic I original | total
2004 0 0 475 475
2005 0 0 6755 6755
2006 0 1047 22832 23879
2007 2633 7615 35429 45677
2008 0 15740 5314368883
2009 44615 0 3808782702
2010 66654 1290 55232123176
2011 70480 8146 28638107264
2012 22593 17300 1049 40942
2013 88544 22926 0 111470
2014 101455 13242 0 114697
2015 184656 26655 462 211773
2016 190352 68561 83510 342423
total: 1280116

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13th-Jul-2017 05:58 pm - Sampler
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This is a list of fic that I wouldn't necessarily call my best (because what is objectivity), but more on the side of my favorites, except more coalesced and excluding original fiction, since I'm not posting that on the internet anymore. Put simply, it's the list of "if I wanted you to read my own fic, this is where I'd like you to begin" because, I mean, I have a lot of stories on my AO3 and it can be hard to navigate. And while all the fics I have up are there for one reason or another, sometimes my fics are simply better than others, you know?

It's important for me to note that I mostly write short-form fic, though it's not my specialty, just a commonality (and, if we're being honest, a comfort zone.) I am capable and have written long-form fic before, and this list is a decent mixture of both, I like to think.

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12th-Jul-2017 07:09 pm - [Links out] rootsofthestories's One card draw
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[personal profile] rootsofthestories is doing a one-card draw.
11th-Jul-2017 06:57 pm - (links out) cuddle party
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So this week has sucked.


We are hosting a cuddle party over in our musebox community [community profile] realfantasia.

Since we're doing it musebox-style basically anything goes (you can be yourself(ves), or a character).

There are two parts:

Part 1: is kid-friendly and clothing-or-bathing-suit-on for humanoids

Part 2: is consentually clothing-optional for humanoids
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